Camp Time

>>  Thursday, September 17, 2015

 It's been a while since I actually slept in a tent.  But back in a tent I was and it was wonderful.  I have my bedding down to a t now and it's so comfortable.

I love lying there listening to the rain on the canvas, which is lucky because it rained so hard on the first night I wondered if the tent would actually make it through!
But most of all, as you know, I love getting up early, before everyone else and sitting with a cup of tea as the camp site slowly wakes up. The zips, the shuffles, the giggling whispers and finally the smell of breakfasts starting to cook.

But sometimes the evening twilight as the sky stripes blue and orange and the lights inside the tents start to make them glow  takes some beating.

Especially when one of my favourite camp fire songs is happening in the background.  I completely relate to Black Socks.  Well, what's the point in getting lots of clothes dirty when you can just do it to one set!!!!


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