Division Camp

>>  Friday, September 25, 2015

There were about 350 Brownies, Guides and Rangers at our Division camp.

I think we actually straddled  3 divisions but we are all very close.

There were a lot of bell tents pitched

but they weren't the most unusual sight in the field.
The caving bus that arrived was a great idea.

All of the activities were brilliant.



Birds of Prey displays

Hagrid was around ....

setting fire to things

In fact there were spells happening all over the place
The traditions were there - even Rainbows lit fires using fire steels

they painted and made broomsticks

Of course there was a campfire

and a very clever wide game the following day that involved every girl and most leaders!

And my own treat - glass etching - very satisfying.

It was a fantastic camp, brilliantly organised, I couldn't fault it,  not one single bit.

It was cleverly thought through so the Rangers had as much fun as the rainbows, brownies and guides.  They really had thought about the Rangers needs and delivered.

They had to work as well as play, they put up and took down at least 4 event shelters, cleared the camp fire, helped with tents and the wide game.

And yet the Rangers enjoyed it so much they were still happy even whilst cleaning the loos at the end of the camp.

The leaders that organise these events are really quite amazing. They nailed it.

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