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>>  Monday, September 21, 2015

I got the opportunity to go and stand and look at my favourite view.  Cog finally decided she was prepared to go out for a walk during the summer break

This park is fully of very old trees.  Ancient oaks, hundreds of years old.

Even when the park is very busy at the car park and main walk way, it is very easy to walk away and be very much alone.

And the views go for miles.

On busy, hot days the larger deer hang out away from the people too.
Yes mate, you were spotted, (Well not actually spotted or that would make him a  fallow and he's not, he's a red)

"oh, can a deer not just get a bit of peace and quiet anywhere today"

Some of the trees are so large and old they don't actually have much 'substance' left down below.  Even though they seem to have plenty of green up top.
I stood in a tree looking straight at another tree with a huge hollow in it.

It crossed my mind that in Switzerland we walked miles to see a magic tree, which was basically a  hollow tree in a wood.  We all squeezed into it and had our picture taken.

This tree was much the same and was surrounded by lots of others.

I wonder if they are all magic too?!
How do they still live with their insides gone?

And as we walked back down towards the main drag and the car park, there were more deer hanging around.

These had given up on the idea of sitting in a quiet spot,  They were right next to the path from the main entrance with hundreds of people walking, cycling, scooting, footballing, crying, shouting, picnicing - oh the whole families out for a day in the country park thing going on.  They didn't seem bothered. "bovvered? do I look bovvered?"

Although one did jump up when a boy rode his scooter to within a metre of it. My father always told me to steer clear of them, that they would hurt you if they got angry or defensive and decided to rut.  Presumably families would simply dial 'no fault injury claims' these days and wonder why the deer were allowed to hurt their child.    Seeing the big boys rutting in the park in Autumn is a lovely sight and you can buy venison from shop there so you can continue to admire them on your plate when you get home.

And very good it is too!


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