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>>  Monday, August 03, 2015

It was annual visit to the local maze this week.  The theme this year is The Rugby World Cup and the picture is a rugby player scoring a try.  The point where you were going over the bridge to enter the centre of the picture we were also walking into the backside of a Rugby Player - I place I thought I would never need to enter!

 The crop was a really good height this year.

 The trusty highlighter pen got us on every path in a very efficient manner and we covered all 3 miles and found all 10 boards in  under an hour.

I cannot not walk every inch! It is a tradition but I am worried that I now see the time we can do it in as a challenge too!  Slightly concerned it takes a little away from the relaxed fun!
 But we did have time afterwards to play some of the games in the picnic area.  Some of the puzzles were really hard.
 Some were easy.

I like that they aren't posh - just good fun.

I love to see the photos of Cog year on year, so for my benefit, not yours, here is the growth (or shrinkage as I'm in reverse order) of Cog.

If you want to know more about how a maize maze works then go have a look at this post where I gave all the tips you need for a fun day out.


The weather couldn't make up it's mind, warm, sunny and wet at different points of the walk.


This was the best crop they'd had in a long time.


Dreadful crop year. But the sunflowers meant it was still well worth seeing.


The owners said it was a bad crop year.  It seemed pretty tall to me, but maybe it's about the size and number of the maize itself, not just the height of the plant.


The height was there but the plants were rather lame


A wet year I think as we are wearing wellies.


Again not too bad a height.


Looks like another bad year.

Cog reminds me that 2006 was the 'alien' year and she went with her father, not me.


Happy memories.


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