Race For Life 10k (and a bit)

>>  Thursday, July 09, 2015

Did I mention I'd sign up for the Race For Life?

One of my friends has recently been diagnosed with CML - a form of leukaemia and quite rare for women.  It spurred me on to actually do the Race  For Life for Cancer Research this year.

 There are many times I've not been in a position to run at all, the last being last December when my kness gave up, so I've done well to get back to any level of fitness recently really.

The main reason for signing up for the 10k was because it was in the afternoon not the morning.  I really, really hate running in the morning.  I signed up and immediately regretted it and wondered if I could make 10k at all!

I had planned to go alone but was actually really pleased HWMBOd decided to come along on the day.

I was actually really worried about it. You can see how stressed I look.  Cog had told me loads of people would be walking it and not to worry at all but all the same a running race is a running race!

I did manage to get a Race for Life hat which cheered me up no end.  They had run out of everything on line, but they had lots of everything in the shop at the race.

I am so proud of myself, I ran the whole way,  I didn't stop to walk once.  Not even at the point I didn't understand the marshal and headed off for a 3rd lap, realised a fair way up that something didn't feel right and turned around.  I wasn't the only one that did it either.

I was rather annoyed that I had worked for ages to catch up and pass a pink dinosaur and when I was finally back on the right track it was ahead of me again.  I seriously pushed hard, harder than ever, until that dinosaur ate my shorts!!! (competitive me? No? why'd you ask?)  

So 10.8K and 59 minutes later I was a considerably happier KV.

Thank you so much to everyone who sponsored me, especially my major donor and target maker NB.

I have a new hat, a medal (well, a dog tag!) and a huge sense of pride and well being. A massive win all round I think.

I was so proud, I went to bed in my hat (I mention that for the benefit of anyone who was mistakenly believing that I am even slightly close to normal!)


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