Elvis at the O2

>>  Sunday, July 12, 2015

 I had a day in London to myself whilst HWMBO'd and Cog went to Wimbledon. I decided to go to see the Elvis at the O2 exhibition.

 It started off gently with the family bible, birth certificates, tax returns, a box of crayons he'd written on.
 But quickly moved into his early music and recordings.  Because I was on my own I took the time to listen to everything, read it all and with my usual pick a good day luck, there were only about 10 people in there the whole time I was.
 I was so surprised at the amount of original stuff that hadn't just been thrown away or lost over time.  So many things from his army days, although I guess as he was already famous people would save things but Elvis himself must have kept his army gear.
 There were 3 cars in there, as well as golf karts from Graceland and a Harley.

 I enjoyed the films taking you around Graceland too.  The house was smaller than I expected it to be.

There were lots of costumes and it seems to me that he must have been pretty fit right through.  None of them were for a large man.

There were also a lot of clothes from his personal wardrobe.
 The record player from his bedroom with the last record still on it really moved me.

As did the phone from his bedroom.

These two things seemed more personal than anything else.

Interestingly there was no reference at all to his death.  Even the film shown was 100% positive and good footage.

I left feeling like he was a really nice guy but like there was an information gap.  I now need to pick up a book and learn more.

I've always liked his music and I'm having a good time now relistening to it.

If you have an hour to spare I recommend going and having a look around.

The exhibition is on until mid January 2016 but not all the items are on display the whole time so have a look at the website to help plan your visit.


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