Back in a field

>>  Sunday, July 05, 2015

 One of the Rangers in our unit was doing her camp permit.  This means she takes girls away and doesn't have a leader with her.  She organises the kit, program, menus, food etc.

This Ranger is an amazing one and did do 90% of the effort.

The 'new' tent went to camp for the first time.  It is incredibly heavy and takes some putting up but once up that girl ain't shifting no matter the weather!  There is also a lot of room inside for all the kit and 3 seperate bedroom areas.
 How many Rangers does it take to start a fire?!
 Then leave it burning!
 I went back the next day to do some Bushcraft fun with them.

They feathered wood with knives. They lit fires with fire steels using tampons, vaseline and corn chips - basic stuff they might have in their back packs.
 They got the Kellie Kettles boiling and made some popcorn.

The sieve method failed and they actually ended up just putting oil covered kernels into 'a bag of' tinfoil on the fire and it popped very well.

 They do like my toaster though.  I think it's because it involves not doing a lot whilst claiming to be cooking. So I took that along too.
There were a lot of people on the site. Another Guide group made this brilliant swing.

A lovely summer afternoon in a field.  No better place to be.


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