A Post Exam London Treat

>>  Thursday, July 02, 2015

With the exams over we decided to treat ourselves to a day in London.

We started with brunch in Covent Garden.  Totally over priced but a lovely treat.

 The acoustics are very good for opera and there was a lovely lady singing for most of our meal.  Although I have to say I preferred the strings that followed her.  Amazing street performers, so talented.

At the right moment Covent Garden can be lovely.

At the wrong one it can be crowded, full of tat and pick pocketers.

This day was the right side of the amount of people, interesting stalls and criminals.

I've never realised before that the churchy looking wall that the entertainers stand in front of, opposite the Punch and Judy, was in fact a Church wall.

I ducked down this tunnel.

And we found ourselves here, outside St Paul's.  The Actor's Church.

There are many Actor's memorials in there.
According to Wikipedia "The church is surrounded by an award-winning graveyard garden"

Alrighty then!  There are awards for grave yards.  Who knew?!

 It was a proper church, about to have a Mass, so I didn't hang around for long.
 I could have stayed there for a long time.

It had a lovely feel to it.

 Cog did not feel the same about the church as she did about the shops still waiting to be explored.

After the correct number of shop stops in the likes of Jack Wills, Urban Decay and Snog (got to love a Snog in London!) we headed onto Seven Dials. Apart from the Agatha Christie reference this is an area I knew nothing about.  

I now know it has a SuperDry with the most bizarre layout ever and a sun dial, I assume with 7 dials.

Sorry,  were you expecting useful information at this point?!!

 I spent a while getting my head around adjusting the time for the month, and at the point I went to give it a go, the sun went in.

I assume in days of yore, people didn't really know what the time was quite a lot of the time in this sunless country!
And finally the real reason for going to London.....Matilda at the Cambridge Theatre.

It was a fun show, Cog loved it.  I was left a little wanting, perhaps a few more special effects would have been good but on the whole it was worth seeing.

A good London day out.


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