Dispelling Anger

>>  Friday, May 15, 2015

I am still really upset that I was reported for having a negative attitude about something in Guiding.

I don't agree that I should always agree with everything! I don't agree that negative opinions should be kept for behind closed doors.

Provided they are voiced without being accusatory, I think having debate is healthy.  For it to be said that 'The Chief Guide might have seen it' like that is a bad thing, not a good thing is still making me shake me head in disbelief.

In amongst 80,000 volunteers there is always going to be some that don't agree with every decision all of the time and it's really important that opinions are heard, that is why so many surveys are sent out to the volunteers so often and why the senior leads are members of discussion groups, so they can hear what is being said.  

I've never been one to hide my opinions away, I think debate is a good and natural thing and all leaders should hear it and encourage it, whether that is in a charity or the work place. Or for Julie Bentley, our then new Guiding CEO both!

 This weekend I should have been away on the annual training weekend with my Guiding friends.  I love this weekend and have written about its importance to my motivation for Guiding before.  But I couldn't bring myself to go.  I know my besties would be there and we would be fine. But inside I am churned up knowing that there are people I would be sharing meals with and having fun with that were the ones that stirred up the hornets nest to begin with.  I'm just not ready to be able to rise above it and not say something out loud!
 So this morning instead of driving off to Clitheroe, I took myself to my happy place.

Despite there being 4 school buses full of kids that I had to run up hill past. And despite a group of them thinking it would be hilarious to run alongside me and then overtake me as I slogged up hill, I did manage to find a bit of peace and quiet and a bit of peace of mind.
 I love this place (when it is empty!)

I seem to have taken disappointment after disappointment recently.
One not quite achieving fully after the next.

Even this run was a bit of a failure as a run, I stopped half way into it and had a cup of tea!  I did bump into a man there though that clearly needed to talk..a lot.  He'd had hell of time recently, poor guy, and he poured it out.  And I listened and occasionally asked questions and commented.  He thanked me so much for spending some time with him.

To everything there is a purpose and I think divine intervention forced me to have a cuppa because that man needed someone to hear him today.

Well that's my excuse for being a lazy runner and I'm sticking to it!!!

I did manage to come away from the park feeling a little less raw with hurt.

And my glorious friend, she's a wise old owl, has managed to make me feel missed, loved and even included despite not being up north with her.

There are some really lovely people in Guiding you know.  I guess you just need to know who they are.


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