Protest is about upsetting people

>>  Tuesday, May 12, 2015

I am unhappy about the way the media have been able to carry such bias through out the election campaign and then continue afterwards by not reporting fully the protests. The bias being towards one person defacing a war memorial not the actions and words of the masses.

But I'm more angry that there has been such scorn poured over the graffiti.  I have read quote after quote about 'Women died for the vote, it's disgusting that a memorial for women would be defaced this way and they would too.'

Well I'm not sure the women that died for my right to vote would, they understand the need to shock to create an effective protest.

I'm also with Charlie Gilmour who said "Can see why people upset by this but the women of WWII – who saw the birth of the welfare state – would prob agree"

The women that died for my vote were pushing boundaries, criminal boundaries, they rode in the face of public opinion and they were highly vocal for something they believed strongly in.  That is what protest is about.  It is about leaving a bomb under the coronation chair in Westminster Abbey.  It is about hitting pictures in the National Gallery with an axe. It is about trespassing and creating a furore.

It's about arson, throwing stones through Buckingham Palace windows and throwing a hatchet at the Prime Minister.

 Protest is about getting attention even if that means doing it in a way that the masses will not be impressed with. Many did not agree that women needed the vote.  In fact the DailyMail would still have you believe that they were Sexual Terrorists!  Today many believe that the current voting system is not fair, the route to making that heard or creating change is unlikely to be an easy one.

American Opposition

Protest is exactly what it says on the tin and we would live in a far worse place if some people did not feel strongly enough to paint a few words on a statue or stand in front of a tank or two.

I may not always agree with the reasons for the actions, or even the action itself but I will not condemn the will of those prepared to fight for what they believe in.


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