Four Seasons Camping Challenge - Cold and Colder

>>  Wednesday, February 04, 2015

This week's Gallery is cold.

I was sewing some camp badges on my blanket this weekend, badly as I am rubbish at it!

But I am particularly proud of this set, the Midland Four Seasons Camping Challenge.  I've just completed it with our winter sleep out.

The sleep over when the flag was frozen solid in the morning, the fire bucket was iced over and the water left over night in the kettle was so solid I couldn't get it out to refill it.

But I should have known better than to leave water in the kettle over night....

I learnt that lesson at our spring camp (yes it was snowing in spring - oh how lucky were we?!) when exactly the same thing happened and I made a morning battle cry (literally crying) of  "I will never leave water in the kettle overnight again"
But the coldest camp ever, I swear, was the winter camp before that.  I did not sleep there, I merely visited, even the hardiest of Rangers were wearing every layer they had brought with them and that was at midday.  (We normally save layers to be able to add to in the evening as it starts to get even colder).

So yes, I am proud of this set of badges because it takes someone of stern stuff to be able to sleep out in -5C (latest winter camp), break the ice on the fire bucket and start a fresh day with a smile on her face.

But it takes an idiot (or a Guider) to also say :  I really enjoyed it and yes, we will do it again next year!


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