Home Made Lava Lamps

>>  Friday, February 06, 2015

Lava Lamps are really easy to make, we did them at Rangers as a part of the Groovy Challenge we are doing.

You need:

A plastic bottle
Cheap vegetable oil
food colouring
Alka-seltzer (effervescent tablet)
Glitter (optional)

Wash out the plastic bottle. A 500ml one is a good size.

3/4 fill it with cheap vegetable oil and top up with water.
Add a teaspoon of food colouring and maybe some glitter.

You need the elements to be separate to get the effect.  If you shake it up it takes a while for them to separate again.

The final part is to add alka-seltzer.

I gave the girls a tablet each and they put it in quarter at a time.

The effect is, well, rather effective!

You could shine a torch through the bottom of the bottle for an additional touch.

(Don't put the bottle on a heat source, the plastic may melt)


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