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>>  Friday, February 20, 2015

We call this game a 'Chinese Raffle' but it isn't really a chinese raffle at all.

We've done it more than once with Rangers now and they love it.

Wrap up a lot of 'things' some could be nail varnishes or make-up, sweets, a bottle of water or pop.  Add in some less wanted ones like washing up sponges, dish cloths or wooden spoons (I wrapped a candy cane with each 'bad' one to soften the blow).  Try to wrap them so they can't tell what they are.   I like to do enough for 2 each.

The Rangers also brought in one gift each, something cheap or maybe unwanted, just a chocolate bar or a shower gel or similar.

The Rangers throw a dice in turn and follow these rules:

6 - take a gift from the pile
5 - pass one gift left
4 - pass one gift right
3 - steal a gift from someone
2 - unwrap one of your gifts
1 - put one gift back in the middle

A person may have a maximum of three gifts in their possession at one time.
If you need to pass left or right and the person to your left or right already has three gifts, give it to the next person in that direction who does not have the maximum number of gifts.
You cannot steal a gift from the person who took it from you.
Once you unwrap a gift, you keep it, and are out.
All other gifts in your possession are put back into the middle.
When everyone has unwrapped a gift, everyone is back in, and the game continues with the remaining wrapped gifts until all gifts are unwrapped.

We have had enough gifts for 3 full games, with a break for a Christmas food craft and Christmas music playing, the laughter was infectious.



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