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>>  Wednesday, February 18, 2015

This week's Gallery is colour.  When I read it I heard "colour party halt" being shouted on Remembrance parade.  But our flags do come out more than once a year.  They are an important part of the symbolism of who we are.

 This year at remembrance, Bunny's daughter carried the Union Flag in our village parade.  Although there is no recorded history, in my 20 year memory of this village's parades a girl has never carried it before and I have every reason to believe she was the first girl ever to carry it, let alone a non-scout!  We were all so proud.
We have had a new flag this year for our Rangers.  It's lovely and bright, and very heavy. 

There are standards as well as flags that come out on special occasions such as award ceremonies.

I like to have flags up at camp, even if it is rather informal and probably too festival style for Guiding proper.

But they make a good weather barometer:

Flying well - check your tent pegs

Stuck to the pole - cooking in the rain

Frozen Solid - just damned cold!

 And there are those moments when it is just me, the view and the flag.

A Guides Own time -  a time for personal reflection, as well as a time to give thanks for all our blessings.


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