Egg Box Christmas tree

>>  Wednesday, December 10, 2014

I've been saving egg boxes all year and was rather pleased to finally be able to clear my spare bedroom of them.

They went to Wise Owl's house for assembly.  The original plan was to make the tower Christmas tree shaped, we have seen many Pinterest pictures of them, but balancing it all was a bit of a nightmare.
 So we went for a more solid approach.
 After lots of painting by the Brownies, a little help from the other leaders and a lot of time spent by Wise Owl, the boxes were all painted and assembled at church.

'We're Egg-cited about Christmas' was the theme.

I thought Wise Owl did very well.

My mum put an entry in too.

The Rangers and Guides spent a lot of time serving hot drinks and mince pies to help raise money for the church and there was a uniformed organisation carol service at the end of the weekend with a collection for the local wildlife hospital.

Another weekend of community service.  The Rangers are doing very well chalking them up this year. I have to say though I really need to take a break from it, all of these things seem to take me an age in time and paper work for the girls to be able to support them and then there's my time there too.

We've had the fireworks display help, the Christmas tree festival and the Christmas post all in quick succession.

I'm looking forward to a short break from it to recharge my giving batteries!  I'll do that as soon as I get the  local Chill-out table decoration helping and christingle making out of the way which will take me into camp prep - no rest for the wicked!!


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