Who say's men don't remember

>>  Friday, December 12, 2014

HWMBO is fairly rubbish at the whole gift business.  And the plastic dolphins and gift vouchers leave me feeling slightly (read very) disgrunted but also feeling a tad spoilt bratish at my disgruntlement.

In a move to mitigate it this Christmas, I've given him a list.  Nothing amazing, it just has on it the shampoo I like, the perfume I wear and the camp kettle I'd really, really like to take on my next camp!

I got home today and it was on the kitchen work surface, so he'd obviously been looking at it.  I was a little disappointed by the total lack of ticks against any thing at all.

"Been shopping dear?"
"There's no ticks on the list"
"Maybe I've not bought off the list"
"Been to Cartier?!"
"What's that then?" (He was totally serious)
"Oh FFS, I totally married the wrong man"


Maybe he's holding out for Tiffany's.

But I'm guessing not.


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