Deki Loans - A great Christmas gift for kids and teens

>>  Sunday, December 07, 2014

I get a little bit annoyed when someone buys me 'a goat' for Christmas.  It's a juxtaposition, I know I should get a warm fuzzy feeling inside but I also wanted something for 'me'.  You just put your goat to one side and poof the  fun is gone.

But I do like giving (and receiving)  Deki loans as gifts because the person you give it to has to do something with it.  They decide who to loan the money to and they get the money back for themselves at the end of it.  It's a hands on charitable gift.

The person you give the loan to will pick the person they choose to loan the money to and then yes, they have to wait, but the loan will be repaid fully in 6-12 months. At that point your recipient can then choose to withdraw the money from the scheme and keep it for themselves or invest it with another entrepreneur. 

They can have a direct impact on people’s lives by lending anything from £10 to an entrepreneur in the developing world.  100% of the money you lend goes directly to the person they choose to support.
Deki is a charity designed to help people work their way out of poverty, so the loans don’t generate profits for lenders. 

There are lots of people to choose from that are looking for money for different business ideas. The total loans are often made up of mini loans from lots of different people so with £10 you can 'complete' a loan and set the person off on their journey to work their own way out of poverty.

This is a great way to give money as a gift to a tween or teen and let them make a difference to a life but with complete autonomy, they choose who, what for and they will see the money come back to them.

To give a loan as a gift you just pay for it and print out a gift voucher, they have something to unwrap and then they can do their favourite thing - log onto the internet!

And remember the money does come back to them and if they want to they can take it back for themselves and buy the iTunes voucher they always dreamed of, or they can re-lend it to another person of their choice.

I think it's a great way to introduce children to charitable giving, to give them a sense of being part of one large world and learn that as individuals they can make a difference to someone very far away.

The fact that they can have the money in the end if they want it makes it different to your standard 'goat' or 'mosquito net' gift.  But maybe they will re-lend it so that it really can be the gift that keeps on giving.

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