Water, water everywhere and you can drink it all

>>  Friday, November 21, 2014

Well almost, not the salt water of the Ancient Mariner but from anywhere else you can. Check this out:

This is a normal sized (500ml) water bottle with a filter.  You can put any type of water in it and it cleans it safe to drink.

I find buying water bottles a bit of a nightmare to be honest.  I could list off at least 30 and this is one of 3 that have passed the KV test and one of 2 that has passed the Cog test.

 Cog jumped on this the day it arrived as I was 'activating' the filter.  Cog's school do not have a water fountain to refill water bottles (I have discussed this with them a lot) and they can only fill bottles in the toilets.  The water is fit to drink but come on, how much do you fancy it?!

It's easy to fill and the bottle and the part you drink from is nicely tucked away so no germage creeping on there from the 'facilities' and the filter ensures the water is safe to drink. (Remember hand washing is also very important when in a 'dirty' environment to prevent cross contamination.)

The final absolute test passer was: it does not leak.  I have only ever found one other bottle that absolutely does not leak, they are hard to come by.

So the bottle has Cogs vote.

Where we live the water is really hard, I love the taste of it.  I find it so refreshing.  Cog does not.  The Water-to-Go filter actually removes that taste of the water. Some of that might be the chemicals being gone, it takes out the fluoride and lead.  I grew up on BPA and chemicals and crave them.  Cog did not and does not like the false taste or the health risks!  She loves the taste of the water from this bottle. (I'd love the chance to get to love it but I can't get my hands on it!)

The bottle costs £12.95 and includes the filter that covers 130 Litres (about 2 months). The filters are £7.95. So it costs £52.70 for a year.  Evian 500ml is about 30p a bottle in a supermarket - a bottle a day would be £110 a year.  But hang on, how much are you ripped off for a bottle at 'the right side of airport security'? £2? Perhaps €5?  You are allowed to take empty water bottles through airport security, you can fill this one up in the toilets and still know the water is safe to drink.  Even on a trip around London, I could just carry this one bottle and not have the spare (I'm too tight to pay London prices!) weighing down my bag , because I could refill it without worry.

The same goes for hotel bathroom water. How much do you trust it, especially when overseas? I know you can be fairly sure in most large European cities but are you always confident?  Do you keep buying bottle after bottle of water for the kids so you have safe water in the room overnight? The list of metals, viruses, bacteria and parasites it filters is quite scary but legionnaires has always been a hotel worry for me.  This has got it covered.

I also like to think by using a refillable bottle, I'm doing my bit.  Did you know only 1 in 4 bottles are recycled in the UK? So around 14 billion bottles go to landfill every year each taking 450 years to decompose.  How many bottles do you manage to recycle when on holiday?  I tend to get the 'I try all year, it won't hurt for a fortnight' attitude.  I guess if we are all so selfish that plastic mountain will be huge.

I am totally sold on these Water-to-Go bottles.  I was sent one to review and I will be buying 2 more, so we have one each.  I just wish I'd have had one when Cog was young and we were travelling around Australia. Tap water in WA tastes rank and the standing tanks of water in the Northern Territory always had me worrying.

This bottle is the end to my holiday water worry woes, and we drink a lot of water!


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