I guess most kids are pretty critical of their parents

>>  Wednesday, November 19, 2014

This week's Gallery is 'Being a parent'.  It immediately made me think of a blog post I wrote a while back called "Being a Parent made me a better Guider"  If you work with children I think it's worth a read.  I was early to this being a Guider lark - 17 and late to the being a parent party - 30.  I've had just about the same amount of time with a foot in each camp.

Being a parent changed me as a person (mostly!)

Cog is pretty critical of me, I guess most kids are pretty critical of their parents.  Mostly I try to laugh at her and tell her it was a shame she wasn't born to a better mother.  But sometimes it hurts.

Yes, I know I looked like an idiot but I burn to a crisp if I'm not under a big hat and umbrella.  This is her 'MUM! you're embarrassing me' speech and my 'do I look like I care' selfie in response.

She has no idea really how privileged she is.  One day she will get it, but I hope she finds out gently and not through any hard way.  I am her cook, cleaner, hairdresser, personal shopping assistant, taxi, tutor, purse filler and punch bag.  It's a joy!

 'MUM! will you just stop it'
'what?! stop what?!  I'm just sat here'

 'MUM! stop it'
'I'm just taking a photo of the ball and flowers for the gallery - I know at some point a theme will be ball and flowers!'
'Well STOP IT'
It's a shame really because she is a lovely girl (mostly) and when she manages to tolerate me things look a whole lot happier!


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