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>>  Sunday, November 23, 2014

I have received some emails asking how my back is doing, so it must be time for an update.

(The links to all my posts about my journey through L5-S1 herniation are here)

It's now 2 years and 9 months since my surgery and just over 2 years since my last reherination.

My last update was about my knees, I was suffering from "tibial tuberosity patellofemoral pain" - that's sore knees to you and me!  I saw a marvellous physio for a few months and with plenty of exercises to build some muscles back up in my upper legs and the knee pain went away.  I'm pretty lazy about doing these exercises though and the pain comes back sometimes, you'd have thought I'd have learnt by now that looking after yourself before injury strikes is the key.

Back in April I still had sciatic lower leg pain sometimes.   I have to say it is less now than it was then.  My pain generally comes from sitting for extended periods of time on the wrong type of chair.  I still choose to stand or lie if at all possible.

I do still have an ice pack in the car when driving to work. I don't driving home or going anywhere else.  I sometimes use an ice-pack in the morning at work.  This is relieving back pain not sciatica.

I have been sitting to watch TV on a Saturday evening on the sofa, It makes me sore still but it's not causing 'next day' issues.  

I'm still planking for 2 minutes on most days to keep up some core strength but I know my core strength is rubbish.  I know this because I have joined a karate exercise class and I am failing at sit ups!  But trying to do the sit ups isn't causing me back issues so far either, so hopefully it will be ok, but I'm very wary and worried about it.  Especially being as we don't use mats or wear shoes.  I think well fitted, supportive sports shoes are really important.  This worries me a bit about karate but I'll see how it goes, I have learnt that just running doesn't do anything for most of my needed muscle strength,  I have to do something else too.

On running, I have started to do a long run on a Friday whenever I can squeeze one in.   I'm up to 16k now. There was a time when I didn't think I would ever run 10k again.  Any distance over 5k was giving me dreadful back pain and next day sciatica.  At the moment I'm not suffering back pain after the long runs, my leg muscles bloomin' hurt though!!

I still use a kneeling chair, I swapped to a saddle chair for a while because of my sore knees but I much prefer the kneeling chair, I can't slouch in it and yet I'm comfortable.  

I am very 'back aware'. At a full on brownie day, I was tasked with putting away a gazebo, as it became difficultly heavy I just said 'I can't do this it will hurt my back'.  Previously I would have struggled on until I hurt myself. I am learning, a little.  But building my body strength back is key and I'm not doing enough yet to resolve that.



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