Cat Sitter Karma

>>  Wednesday, November 26, 2014

 This week's Gallery is 'Pets'

Whilst away on holiday I got a text message from my house sitter to say she wasn't feeling well and was going home for the night. Greeeeat.

I got a text message in the morning to say she had no idea how, but my little baby had found her way to her house and woke her up crying at her window at 6am. She had to get up and take her home....

I call that Cat Karma, well done kitty

I hate a house without a cat in it.

They are just part of my furniture.  The fire hogger.  The foot warmer.  The greeting when I come home.

I like the way they make a choice about whether they want to be with you or not.  You can see in their eyes when they are judging.  They can be so JudgyMcJudgy, temperamental, grumpy.

But I love them.


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