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>>  Friday, September 19, 2014

Our local market town was turned into a street theatre last weekend.  The town was jam packed full of street performers
I had a spot of deja vu with this guy, then I realised Cog and I had watched him in Covent Garden in the past.

There was weird

and weider

and odder
The town has been strangely knitted for a while. Lamp posts, bikes, bollards all covered in knitting.  I assume it was linked to the Arts Fresco.  Either that or the WI have gone completely bonkers.

This is a town where there is more Joules, Boden and Wills per square inch than anywhere else in the country.  
It's not a wellie if it's not Joules and it's not a kids party if there isn't enough mini-boden to be the epitome of middle class.

But these were my main reason for going and they were as incredible and captivating as I imagined they would be.

In fact watching them walking the streets around the town, particularly where the crowd had thinned,  gave me a menacing war of the worlds shiver down the spine.

There were as many children in total crying meltdown as there were those that were in awe and wonder.


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