3 times 8 equals worried, naked, tired

>>  Tuesday, September 16, 2014

 This week's Gallery is 8am.

 I've had 3 very different 8ams in a row.

Cog went off to her DofE silver expedition at 8am on Saturday morning.

I left her at the pick up point not wearing her shoes.  I not really 'worried' so much as 'worried'!  She's had a couple of hell expeditions. One with the weather was so bad even the assessors said they had never seen one like it and were talking about pulling the plug on it. And one when she pulled her achilles and she could hardly walk.  Just once I'd like a bit of luck to go her way.

Sunday was a lovely lie in, I didn't actually get up properly until gone 11am. Sheer bliss.
And Monday I was already at my desk wishing the caffeine came intravenously.


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