Rainbow Cake

>>  Sunday, July 06, 2014

I mentioned the food colouring trial a while ago.

Cog had tried to make some coloured cakes at school to layer.  The supermarket food colourings she used went dreadfully flat and affected the taste of the cake.

After reading around I bought her some Wilton gel colourings. As you know, my experiment with them went a bit strange but we hoped it was just the violet that was the issue.

She made the same mix again and avoided violet.

These were the cup cakes made with left over mix, totally different.

She made a big one.

It came out brilliantly.  This picture isn't enhanced at all, the colour really is that good.

She took the new sponge off to school.

And came back with this and a second place in the competition.  It is a bit battered as it had just done a race for the bus, followed by a 10 mile journey in the heat and had been cut by the teacher, obviously, for judging.

The red has been slightly lost in the edge icing, so the lesson learnt is to use a lot more mixture for the outer layers than the centre layer.

It tasted really good, these gel colours don't affect the taste of the cake at all as you use such a small amount even to achieve this strength of colour.

She's doing really well at Food Tech in school.  She's really pleased she 'got stuck' with it.  It wasn't a first choice subject, but actually it's turned out to be the one she enjoys most and is turning out A*s in.


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