Living the dream in a field

>>  Wednesday, July 09, 2014

A Guider is never far away from a field, I've spent this weekend in one, which is lucky because this week's Gallery is 'The Great Outdoors'.

I was trying to get an arty shot and totally didn't spot the main part of the picture, can you?

It suddenly got very loud and in shot mum to quieten down her brood with a few insects.

Saturday was a fairly relaxed day.    I was supposed to be supervising these guides on the equipment.  An easy task as they were quite content just chillin' for a while.  Time to sit and stare.

And who can blame them when this is what they were quietly looking at.
These were walking off to the camp fire, as we sat by the fire I look up and 2 buzzards settled themselves into the trees above us.  Quite beautiful.

Nothing quite like living the dream in a field. 


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