Storm Kettle Tea Party

>>  Friday, July 04, 2014

Part of the Big Brownie Birthday Challenge is to make tea in an unusual place.  Our planned trip to an activity park and woods, where we were to have a tea party, was rained off so we retreated back to our meeting place.  But GuiderthatwasaScouter came up good.  She brought a storm kettle with her.
This is my first introduction to storm kettles but having experienced an ice-cold camp morning when we were hugging gas bottles to get them going for a cup of tea, I know I need one of these before I camp again.

HWMBO has been instructed to purrrr-chase one with immediate gifty effect.

 The brownies were like moths to a light with it.  There's something so innate about making fires and doing something useful with them.  It draws us in.  I declare most Guiders (and Scouters) are just in-control pyromanics.
 We got a decent pot of water off it.  This storm kettle had not been used in a long time and travelled with a Scouter from New Zealand many years ago. So we decided the water was better for washing up with.
And resorted back to normal kettles for a good brew-up.

The rain took us back inside but the Brownies all made a cup of tea for their visiting mums.

It was a fine fun evening, despite it being a plan-b affair, with songs, games, manicures, drinks and cakes.

It was nice to be back at Brownies for a night.  I do miss being with other leaders and their company.


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