Buckets on heads now girls

>>  Wednesday, May 07, 2014

This weeks gallery is 'Faces'
This is an interesting topic for 'A Guiding Life'.  I don't do faces!

I have permission from all the Ranger's parents (or themselves) to use photos in Guiding publicity but there are particular clauses about social media. I think blogging probably falls into that remit, so I try very hard not to show faces

Sometimes I will 'alter' them using photoshop but that's hard work,

so mainly you get pictures of hands and backs

Backs are great but I often still have to obscure names off hoodies.

The best pictures for me are where they simply put buckets over their heads.


The Rangers are getting used to me though and as soon as they see the camera come out they dive for cover.  This would have been a  lovely photo with 5 girls in it 4 managed to hide completely within 2 seconds!


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