Milk Bottle Elephants - Midlands Arts Explosion

>>  Sunday, May 04, 2014

The Midlands Arts Explosion is a great new challenge for the Midlands Region. There are 4 sections to complete to get the full set of badges.

In order to complete the 'On the Move' section we are doing an elephant trail and making the elephants covers the Recycle section of  'Hands On'.

They are very easy.  I asked the guys at work to save me their 2 Litre (4 pint) milk bottles for the week

Top Tip: don't leave them a week to wash them out!!  Do it straight away or they really smell when you start cutting them!

You just cut the top off the bottle.  Leave the lid, that's fine.  Cut arches on each of the 4 square sides to create legs.  I started a slit with a craft knife but sharp scissors cut it fine.  Save your arches they can be used for ears.

Then glue what ever you want to it.  Tissue paper, an old paper table cloth, wrapping paper, sequins, pom-poms, anything you like, any way you like.

Just go for it.

Elastic bands will secure a square of material to the top, or create a 'holder' for poking things out of  it.

I thought the Rangers did well.

Senior Section Leaders will note the usual packet of biscuits in the background. Hollow legs these girls!

I'll be coming back to these when we do the trail, but for now they sit waiting for someone to open our cupboard and see elephants smiling back at them.


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