>>  Sunday, May 25, 2014

 Bern was a lovely place.  We spent just a couple of hours there walking around.  I had a marvellous Guider for company.  We were completely on the same wave length about how we wanted to spent the short time there.
 It is the capital city of Switzerland with the 'important' stuff there.
 But there is a look more to see beyond the obvious impressive architecture.
 There is so much detail and it's very clean and well cared for.
 It all looks so new, it's easy to forget how old it actually is!
 The fountain trail around the old town is worth following.
 There are a lot of them and it takes you on a lovely walk.
 It's worth going up the cathedral bell tower too.  Great views of the city and beyond, a close up of the huge bells and the church inside as you come back down.

 There is some quirky modern art.
 right next to the old charm.
 Undercover walk ways must be shelter in winter and cool in the summer and just quaint in the spring.  There were little shops and cafes tucked into each alcove.
A lovely city that I plan to revisit with HWMBO for a weekend.


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