Rainbow (cakes) and (dead?!) Guides

>>  Tuesday, May 27, 2014

 COG is making rainbow cakes at school.  The supermarket colourings totally faded with baking, so I bought some 'better' ones and thought I'd give them a go.
 Unfortunately, the colour of the top didn't leave them looking too palatable.
 I cut into them and it was slightly more promising.

I butterfly cut the tops, turned them over and iced them back in.
 In fact they had come out really well.

But still actually looked rather unappetising from the outside, despite being jolly tasty.
Luckily enough the Guides are on camp so I took them out to them.

In true guides on camp style, they cared not about the look and were more than happy to hoover them up based on taste.  Love a camp hungry guide.
Although the twitching boots from this tent, post cake, worried me slightly.
Yes, the guide was still in them, she just couldn't be bothered to take her wellies off!!


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