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>>  Friday, May 23, 2014

I've been to Switzerland a few times and visited Basel and Lucerne, but to be honest, I didn't really get what all the fuss was about. Basel is ok but there are many much nicer places. Lucerne was nice but it didn't grip me except with its cold.

But this time I was in the Bernese Overland in spring and it truly is schöne.  Now I understand why people rave about Switzerland.

Turn one way there are majestic mountains powering over you.

Turn the other way and walk 200 yards and you are in peaceful woods.

Moving night time scenes as the lights start to twinkle in the valleys and the burning sun dies behind the mountains.

One day I was in thermals walking through snow.

The next I was sat in a meadow full of flowers eating a packed lunch.

I saw waterfalls coming out of the sides of cliffs and went inside a rock face to see the waterfalls running right through, the sheer size and power of them I just couldn't capture in a photo.

I walked through gorges that were simply part of the walk through the countryside, no special entrance, just a part of the trail.

The view simply from the train travelling between towns was quite amazing.

Stumbling upon a Japanese water garden with a Swiss backdrop, most strange.

Standing on top of one of the highest mountains and seeing absolutely nothing was still quite incredible. Occasionally the clouds blew through and I got a peek at what I might see on a good day, I will go back to try again another time.

But generally just being happy I wasn't blown off it!

And returning to total serenity.

I completely fell in love with it.  Every hill I walked up, every ache of my legs, every moment I just sat looking and looking some more at the hills and breathing in the clean air.


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