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>>  Wednesday, March 26, 2014

This week's Gallery is 'sport'.  I don't really do watching sport, I don't have a team, I get bored watching anything sporting very quickly.  I'm always happy to play, just I never really see the point in watching.  Surely sport is about participating.  So I'm not likely to have pictures of it happening, being as I'm not watching!

So you get the 'sport' I will watch....people.

I love it.  I will sit at airports and train stations happily for hours with a cup of tea watching people coming and going.

HWMBO will be watching the view of the city, talking about the buildings in the distance.  I'm watching the street peddlers running from the police, the lovers cuddled up and wondering what their story is, watching the families interacting, watching the beggars and wondering if they are genuine or not.

Leaning on another fence at the top of the steps, HWMBO is looking at the distant view.  I'm watching the people going up and down. Some fit, some with purpose, some meandering, some skating down the edges and getting told off by teachers!

The people at the table next to me in a cafe. Were they models doing a shoot?  Were they really newly weds and just waiting for sunset for the perfect photograph?  I really couldn't make up my mind, even after watching them for a long time.

The view from the bedroom window.  HWMBO told me how many seconds the light took to go around.  I could have told him about the people walking across the bridge.  I supposed they were on their way to the shows, perhaps the late show at the Moulin Rouge, but I'll watch them until they go past the hotel, after all maybe they will turn in.

Watching the people on the bridge looking at the locks.  I guess I should have been looking at the locks, but once you've seen one 'our love is forever' lock you've seen them all.  I was more interested in whether anyone was popping back with a pair of bolt croppers after having realised the error of their ways.

Do you see the restaurant or the people through the window?  What if I tell you the couple at the back on the right are Dutch?  Now are you looking through the window at the people?

I'm sure I'm not the only person that loves watching the world go by.  After all the boys watch the girls while the girls watch the boys who watch the girls go by....eye to eye, they're making music to watch girls by.


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