Sometimes only Haribo can fix it.

>>  Monday, March 24, 2014

Those of you that follow me on twitter will know that Haribo plays an important part in my life.  Thursday is work from home day and is also known in my house as Tangfastic day.  Lunch is a large bag of Tangfastics.

I've had a hard few weeks, in amongst Brownie pack holiday and a fairly chronic time at work, I have had a bout of flu and a general weariness and malaise that has left me in regular episodes of tears and tiredness.  It is also lent and I've been unable to shore up the issues with chocolate or gin.

 I guess the omnipresent gods a Haribo (or their PR peeps) knew of my dilemma and a box arrived.
A box of Haribo Easter.

A Charlie Chick (the marshmallows in there are pretty special).

A twist'n'stick.

An Easter Fun bucket (an easter hunt ready made which is a nice addition to just chocolate eggs, Easter can get too chocolate even in my book).

The almost perfect Fizzy Farm Animals, If tangfastics are a bit sour for you Fizzy Farm are more subtle, more gentle on the tongue and a little more fruity. Yes, I can talk Haribo as if it were wine tasting....what? what?

Any-hoo, I say almost perfect because there is a new food of the gods....


Seriously - they are soooo good.
Although Cog, quite wrongly in my opinion, believes Egg-stras are better.

But it does give me a chance to show you my pair of fried eggs - yeah baby!

So Lent and flu you can go shove your misery because I have my staff and it is a box of sweeties that make me very very happy.

If my dad taught me one great thing it was a day without sweets is a day without sunshine.

And a Thursday without Haribo is well.....wrong!


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