An Anniversary in Paris

>>  Friday, March 28, 2014

Regular readers will recall HWMBO has the date memory of a gnat and forgets our anniversary year after year and it annoys me year after year. To break the cycle we booked a weekend in Paris at anniversary time to 'cover it'!

I think a hotel that has a complementary umbrella in the wardrobe is probably going to do quite well in the 'quite a good one' stakes.  We have stayed in this hotel before and it was lovely to go to somewhere familiar in an area we love.  It makes it all so easy.

Our room had a lovely night time view across the city.

But actually opening my eyes to this was even nicer.

If I could go speak to me younger self, I would tell me to up sticks and move to Paris.

Montmartre is my favourite part, the back streets there are surprisingly quiet, given the amount of people in the main area and they are beautiful.

But many of the back streets in Paris, no matter how plain, still have charm.

And there is of course, the odd monument at the end of them!

I managed to spot another Gregos.

There are a couple of windmills still in Montmartre which feel a little out of place strangely and yet the area used to be covered in them.  So much flour to grind for all that bread I guess.

It is a wonderful area to hang out in.  Full of cafes, shops and art studios.  It is buzzing but relaxing.

So just for once we managed to make our anniversary a really special piece of us time.

That'll do Pig, that'll do.


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