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>>  Sunday, March 30, 2014

I've been following a blog for a longtime, written by a lady that lives on a canal boat called the Fizzical Attraction.  I stumbled upon it when I was searching for something about canals once and instantly loved her pictures.

I spend a lot of time on the canal towpath and have had some interesting experiences with snakesdrunken boats and people looking for love.

Actually if you remember the last link, Mike's board is now in a hedgerow slowly moulding.  I like to think he found his love and they threw it away laughing that it wasn't needed anymore rather than he threw it away giving up ever finding his true love. 

Anyhoo, back to today... The Fizzical Attraction has been slowly heading towards my locality since the New Year.  It's taken a while as the  high water levels from all the rain left them stuck on the river soar.

But this week it came right through where I run, I was unfortunately at work at the time and missed a wave opportunity.

But on my day off  I drove up to the basin where it was moored.  It's lovely round there and HWMBO and I often eat at the restaurant right on the front.  I spotted the boat peeking out and went around to it.

Unfortunately for me, but very fortunately for them, they were away in Paris so I had a quick chat with their mooring neighbour about the etiquette of opening up the cover and left a plant on their doorstep awaiting their return.

I will of course be back at work by the time they return but maybe if I am lucky I'll get another chance.

I'm hoping this year that I will get to meet MumsGoneTo and if I'm even more lucky MyLittleBlog

I find it a little perturbing the thought of meeting people I've 'known' online for sometime.  I've no idea why.  I'm fine going to work conferences  alone and talking to all and sundry or throw me into a room of Guiders and I'll chat away.  Heck, I had a lengthy conversation with a lady in a supermarket today, I think we both needed to use up our daily word allowance, but bloggers I find it, well, awkward, so I'm pleased with myself today for going up there, even if I didn't actually meet Yvonne, I did say hello to Fizzical Attraction which is a fine step in the right direction!


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