Opera and Prague

>>  Friday, February 14, 2014

But unfortunately not together.

Whilst HWMBO tried to drink Prague dry, I took COG to 'The Grandest night of grand Opera.....ever'

It was part of the Comedy Festival but the more high brow part, obviously.

Anyway, it was such a relief to finally get to hear Figaro with subtitles. 'Figaro bra, Figaro car'.  I always suspected there wasn't much more to it than that.  And with my interest in maths and data, it was marvellous to get statistical breakdowns on the number of deaths by Tragic Opera and seeing which composer compared worst to Colonel Gadaffi.  The conductor Rainer Hersch was very entertaining.

We are becoming quite regulars at the Symphony these days.  I'm starting to almost enjoy it.  But hearing ' Puff the Magic Dragon' and 'I should be so lucky' sung with Pachelbel Canon for accompaniment makes 6 chord pop songs all the more entertaining. Although Verdi karaoke is fairly good fun apart from the annoying girl sat behind me who insisted on doing it 'properly' - pfffffft, students!

Stayed tuned for the next exciting edition when I mention the ballet I went too where the prima donnas had not heard of the words 'self denial' and considerable scaffolding was required.....and the tragedy was it was not a comedy and I ate more tissues than any of the dancers trying not to laugh.....

I know.....I'll get my coat!


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