I've got the painters in

>>  Sunday, February 16, 2014

I've got the painters in, not figuratively, literally!

Finally the hole in the ceiling...

...has become not a hole.

And I'm very happy with my new half glass doors, everywhere seems much brighter.

I did of course manage to scratch the wall trying to rehang the pictures and the mirrors, so the decorator had only been gone 5 minutes and I'd got the paint out again.

I rehung pictures, mirrors, paintings, put landing furniture back and rehung the curtains.  When HWMBO got home he said "I suppose we have to put all the stuff back tomorrow."


I don't get how men just do not see what is around them.

It was very useful having the painters at home every day for a while, they took all my parcels in for me.  This one was extra special.  Have you seen Ace Ventura UPS delivery?  This is clearly exactly how this 'fragile' parcel was delivered.  You'll be unsurprised to know it failed to make it in one piece.


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