Reasons to Believe I can carry on Guiding

>>  Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Linked into the Gallery's 'ReasonsToBelieve' theme this week.  I'm going to lift myself up a bit with reasons to believe I can carry on Guiding:

Observing a moment of total elation for the young leaders gave me a double serving of joy, if also a little ringing in the ears from their squeals.

Walking from your tent to the campfire of an evening, wrapped in a camp blanket, ready to sing, to connect, to share.

Because the Guides made 100, the Brownies made 100 but the Senior Section don't make it until 2016. Perhaps we should try to have one Senior Section unit open in my division for their 100th.

Maybe, it's just a little bit of everything gone and there is a possibility that some of it will happen again:


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