Totally inappropriate and the Chief Guide

>>  Sunday, January 12, 2014

This quarter's copy of Guiding magazine fell on my door mat over Christmas.  And my Senior Section unit were in it.  It was the photo taken with the Chief Guide at Wellies and Wristbands.

I don't normally show the girls in pictures on here but I had to share this.

Can you see how awkward Cog looks?

You see, Wellies and Wristbands was pitched as a 'festival' event.  I understood that to mean casual clothing was the way to go.  More Glastonbury than Guide.

"Wear your Penguin shirt" I said to Cog "It'll save me having to buy you a new one".  Sounds harmless doesn't it.

I just checked Amazon, the t-shirt is described as "On the front of this tee is an iconic print of numerous penguins on top of one ice cube saying Bollocks, its obviously comical design is one that will have your friends smiling every time they see you".

Friends!  It says friends!  Not "The Chief Guide"!  Hashtag 'fail'. Bollocks!

Cog covered over the t-shirt and moaned at me afterwards.  Now, I like to think that our Chief Guide is fully au fait with this very versatile word, but I also like to think she would not use it readily, which is why I will never be Chief Guide. That may not be the only reason, the list could be endless

KV Wellies and Wristbands 2013

So I have learnt that when CHQ chirpily say 'festival style' they don't mean the full Glastonbury effect, the 'I'm just a f*cking ray of sunshine' t-shirt should not get a place in the backpack.

And Cog has learnt that whilst her mother will always buy her wholly inappropriate t-shirts, she has to decide when it is appropriate to wear them.
She also knows that her mother will never be a wallflower trying to melt into the background.

Wellies and Wristbands 2014 is open for bookings.  I totally recommend it for all Guide units.   For Senior Section units I recommend you have a look at my post before you make a decision, but it could be right up your street too.


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