On the road to nowhere

>>  Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I went out for a lovely walk just before Christmas to get away from the rush and crowds.

I needed a bit of quiet time.
The car developed a flat tyre whilst it was waiting for me to return.

I in turn abandoned it, leaving it far down the road.
And marched on up the hill in search of the main road and a lift home from a passing ex-husband.

I was humming "we're on the road to nowhere" as I strode along.

And spotted this on the way.  The path to nowhere, or at least the path to being cut to shreds trying to get onto it.

Anyhoo, 1 ex-husband rescuing me, 1 current husband fixing the car and 2 new tyres later and I'm ready to try to follow that path at some point.  As soon as these fields become less like a clay skating rink.


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