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>>  Wednesday, January 08, 2014

There is no Gallery this week, but I thought I'd give you a brief picture rundown:

The man at work that has supplied me with about 10 cups of tea a day for 15 years left this month.  This is the last cup he made me.  I am not ashamed to admit, I'm struggling without him.

Every time I get new fish, one disappears.  Every single time.  I buy 5 fish, the next day there are 4.  I buy 4 fish the next day there are 3.  I have no idea how fish just disappear.  I just can't imagine where they go.  In other news, my little cat has stopped going to the neighbour's house for her dinner, I'm pleased she's decided the food I give her now suits her palette.

I have retired from Brownies (again).  The Senior Section Guider in charge of my Ranger unit will be very busy this year doing other things and I have to give my time to the Rangers.  So most odd then that I have sat covering corks in paper tape to be transformed into owls by the brownies.  Seriously I am incapable of not being a brownie leader.  Only a coffin will get me away!

I finally managed to beat Cog at a game of ten pin bowling.  A first for many years.  In fairness,  she has wrist issues again and could only bowl left handed, so she only managed 3 strikes each game!  She is so ambidextrous.  She also has a foot problem which despite having been to the hospital twice now and had an x-ray appears to be undiagnosable.  GSCE PE is taking a toll on her.  She is not the only one like this in her class either.

I also managed to pull back a few games of table tennis whilst she is in pain.  Yes I know it's wrong to be quite so happy to beat your child whilst they have an injury.  Competitive me?! Never!

The Australian played with a quiet calm confidence.  Presumably this has been aided by the cricket.  The Ashes is an unspoken evil in our house right now, it has left us both tired and one of us extremely grumpy.

I don't live near a large expanse of water.

These fields are usually full of sheep.
There's been a bit of rain this way too just recently.


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