Cobra Knot Paracord Woggles

>>  Sunday, January 26, 2014

These woggles are surprisingly easy to make with clear concise instructions.

I made the first one with dark cord but decided a lighter one would look better, so I ordered some more cord.

I'm not giving you those instructions, watch the Scouter in the YouTube clip below. His instructions made it easy even for me.
 The Scouter uses a manly lighter and army knife to burn and cut the cord...

I used a Tealight and sewing scissors and had a nice cup of tea on the go whilst I worked.

I was never destined for the Scouting life!

The woggles are built up in 2 layers.  The first layer alone would be enough for a rainbow or brownie woggle or even a braclet craft.

I bought my cord from I was surprised at how cheap it was and it came very quickly.

The lengths for the cords given in the instructions are:

Inner cord: 14 inches
Layer 1: 40 inches
Layer 2: 2 x 26 inches
Watch these instructions, I reckon this guy is a great leader.


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