>>  Thursday, January 23, 2014

I've been having numerous difficult things happen around my life at the moment.  None of them are really suitable for open to all sharing.

Some of it will involve new tenants and not managing to get all the money I am owed.
Some of it will involve an inadvertent switch of a reward card with a member of my family on a shopping trip that resulted in them spending all our carefully saved for a weekend away points on their christmas shopping "oooh, I thought I'd got a lot of points quickly" they said. Garrrrrr.
Some of it may involve still having large holes in my floors and ceilings from our prechristmas leak and the unavailabilty of anyone to fix them.
Some of it will involve the uncertainty of where we might or might not be going on holiday this year.
Some of it will involve a handover of Guiding matters that isn't getting handed over and some of it will involve a handover of Guiding matters that did get handed over because of my inability to say no to people.
Some of it will involve my frustration at some people taking full advantage of the fact that I find it difficult to say no and they know it.

Oh and work is pretty rubbish right now too and a lot of that will be down to the fact that I have an awful lot of 'some of its' going on, so my head is already really full of crapola.

I spotted this marriage proposal on t'internet.   No-one told me it was there, it wasn't a facebook meme - I just stumbled on it whilst looking at something else. This made me happy.

I'm a simple person when it comes to 'make me happy'.  All I need is a bunch of daffodils, to find something interesting on my own occasionally and slightly less crapola in my life.


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