A day trip to Symi

>>  Wednesday, January 29, 2014

This week's Gallery is Rewind.  I'm going to rewind back to the summer.

We stayed on Rhodes during the summer. Whilst it's a big island with lots to see and do, we decided to take the opportunity to have a day trip to Symi.

We booked a Thomas Cook day trip that had a coach stop at our hotel and then straight onto the port in Rhodes town.  Actually, parking down at the port looked easy and free but sometimes it's just easier to let someone else take the strain.  At the port there were lots and lots of people all trying to work out which guide they needed for which trip and where the tickets were etc but it all seemed to just 'happen' and we got on board our ship.  Initially we sat outside, but in the heat and the salty wind it wasn't so great once we were out of the harbour.  Inside the ship was a comfy lounge with big windows, good coffee and lovely air conditioning.

It took a few hours to get to Symi but you can see plenty of shoreline along the way including Turkey.  It's a gorgeous place of Italian influence with a very different feel to Rhodes' Middle Ages English.

As the boats emptied and more and more tourists poured into the hot streets, the scooter engines were loud, the cars were loud, the guides from many tour groups shouting, it became quite unbearable.  We listened to our guide for a while, but he was saying nothing I hadn't read already.
We let the crowds go do what crowds do...

...and we left them behind and walked up a never ending empty stair way into the 'living' town.

I was totally 'had' by a woman giving away free water half way up the hill and ended up havng to give her €5 to get away.
It was a long climb but there were cafes for a coffee at the level we gave up trying to walk up any further.  It was at least quiet.

We headed back down the hill into the bustle and had a cheap and cheerful gyros.

A wander around the shops
And then a sit in an empty bar waiting for the boat.  I have no idea why there was one totally empty bar except it looked like a small pub from about 1930 rather than a flash cafe.  But it was cheap, clean and had plenty of seats!
The boat went around the island to the Panormitis Monastry.
A lovely Monastry.

Whilst these places do give out cover ups, it's worth remembering to wear a knee length skirt or shorts and have a scarf to cover your shoulders with and then you don't have to queue to borrow a wrap.
We had a brief wander around but it was about 40C in the sun, so we headed back to the boat.
At which point HWMBO realised he'd lost his boarding card and the ship crew were refusing to let him board.

Needless to say I was fuming with him, angry with the boat crew.  It was quite clear we were a family on a tour and COG and I had our cards.

I had no idea how he would get back, he was angry with me for being angry with him and it rather put a downer on the whole proceedings.

Once the crew had finished enjoying our marital shouting match, they gave up and let him board.    I have to say, I met a number of Greek people on our holiday who seemed to rather enjoyed putting tourists into difficult circumstances. It did not endear me to them.

It is though, a beautiful country.


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