>>  Monday, August 05, 2013

I like to run in sunglasses.  Tight mirrored glasses, it stops the glare and I feel good.  They look pretty stupid, but that's a look I achieve regularly and easily so I don't let it hold me back.

On the occasion of a run my glasses fell apart in my hands.  HWMBO said he would stick them back together.  This invoked a strop a toddler would have been in awe of, with me announcing that I did not work the hours I worked to wear stuck together sunnies and if I wanted a pair of sunnies I would buy a pair of sunnies. I flounced out of the house Miranda style.

Why do shops think I want to buy my autumn clothes in July, my winter shoes in August and assume I will grab a spare pair of sunglasses in bloody February.  Oh yes my friends, it would appear buying sunglasses in August is not the squint in the park it might seem.  But finally an overpriced pair of suitably stupid looking glasses were found and acquired.

I was happy.

The occassion of a run happened again, part way round my earphone felt strange, it hadn't been so sunny so I had pushed my glasses onto my head out of the way, maybe they had knocked my earphone, no my head felt strange.  I patted my head a few times just so any passing cars or walkers could be fully assured that the local nutter was out again.  Yup, the glasses were gone.

No stress, I can run back the way I came and look for them I thought, turning around ready to go again......



Have you got ANY idea how hard it is to buy sun glasses in August around here?!


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