Cog in Switzerland

>>  Saturday, August 03, 2013

Cog had a great time in Switzerland on her Guiding trip.

She had a fantastic bedroom view.

She said the fireworks going off down this valley and over the mountains was spectacular from her balcony.  Only her shared 6 bed room had a balcony and the whole group packed in there to watch the fireworks!

She went to Our Chalet, one of the Guiding World Centres.
I hope to walk this path one day.

And perhaps eat in this dining room.  Just imagine the sweet mountain air blowing in through those windows.

The weather was a little harsh for high ropes.
The water was pounding through at the falls.

The amount of rainfall they had meant that white water rafting was cancelled on the first visit because of how high the water levels were and how hard it would be. They returned another day but Cog still chose not to do it.  She will never be an extreme sport sort of person.

She was happy though, whilst the others were rafting, she went on a scenic tour. She said it was quite spectacular, she took some great photos and really enjoyed herself.

Bless her, she said she didn't go on the boat trip with the others left behind because she didn't want to 'cost them money'.  She has listened to me trying to juggle Guiding budgets too many years, she should have gone I think.
They went to Kandersteg too, the Scout centre and a chocolate factory tour. She went on a toboggan run down a mountain side.  There is a video (not hers) here if you are interested that is the run she did. It looks great fun. They went in a cable car to get to the toboggan run.

They were also lucky enough to be there for Swiss National day and she saw the cows with huge bells and Christmas trees on their heads and understood why. We had read Bavarian Sojourn's blog about them a long time before.

She saw massive musical horns, men playing huge bells, medieval knights, peasants and was chased by horrid dressed up monsters.

She tasted real Switzerland in a way we haven't as a family despite previous visits.

Three cheers for the Guider that decided she wanted to do an 'international' and gave Cog such an incredible adventure.

I suspect Cog will now sleep for a week to get over it.


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