Make a mess whilst you have the opportunity

>>  Wednesday, August 07, 2013

This week's Gallery is 'play'.

I am a great believer in messy play, the messier the bettererer.  It's just great fun.  I was lucky that Cog always seemed to understand the difference between messy playtime and not messy time and stuck to it.

So laying out plates of paint and rolls of paper was a great game.

In fact this sort of play was my true lazy mum play, it was so easy to just let her have a ball whilst I watched and then just showered her (and the house) off afterwards.

Once she was in the bath though, why not just get the paints out again.

As she got older it got a little less messy, messy play....


But let them skip in the house if they want to on a dark winter's morning.

Or make an exploding volcano

Let them bake cakes in their bridesmaid dress.

And their pyjamas

Spend time cutting up snowflakes until your floor is covered in tiny pieces of paper

Let them eat tea dressed as a dog.

Have fun

Lots of fun

Because suddenly they are grown up and the opportunity is gone.

Tomorrow you can have a clean paint free floor.

Today let them make mess and noise.

Because tomorrow comes very fast.


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