Dark and Light

>>  Friday, August 02, 2013

We've had a lot of storms here recently. Enough to flood my village for a while.

The sky hangs dark and heavy

I stopped the car on the way home from work and watched the lightening come through the green hues that formed in the clouds.

It was totally oppressive.

The bottom on my garden has become an oppressive place to be.

Completely over shadowed by a plain tree that has outgrown it's spot.

I've had it cut back over and over but it just keeps on growing.
So now it is gone.  The garden looks quite naked without it. 

Which reminds me to mention that I was flashed recently whilst out on a run.  I was a bit put out by it really, I did tell you in the past that flashers aren't really the harmless raincoated dirty old man laughing matter we imagine.  The American Department of Justice says: "...rapists average seven victims before their first arrest, and most flashers (exhibitionists) and window-peepers are (or eventually become) rapists."
I did ring the police to report it, they didn't seem overly concerned.  HWMBO didn't really show much interest either.  Am I the only person that thinks it is a bit of a bother?

I saw a little fox on the way to work this morning, wee cute thing, it was hanging around in the road and I was surprised it didn't run when it heard the car.  I slowed down to go past it and realised it was sniffing around it's mum, who was overnight road kill.  I watched it for a while wondering what I could do.  It took the decision for me and ran off.  It was old enough to take care of itself and will no doubt be fine, but it left me feeling a bit sad really.


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