A day out in the park

>>  Friday, August 16, 2013

 You start to think that teenagers are too old to be 'taken' to the park, I guess you've just got to look a little wider than the play equipment to engage them.

One of our local ones has a table tennis table, we just have to remember to take some bats and balls.
 Then there's pitch and putt.

We were totally rubbish at it....how many swings before the ball was actually hit!
I'd only done crazy golf before, not pitch and putt.  It's quite a move up but it was actually great fun and at £5.50 for 4 of us for 9 holes, I thought it was a bargain.
 A walk around the park in areas we wouldn't previously have ventured to produced some nice surprises.
 Even a den building area.
And I was really happy to see lots of children all doing exactly that.  There was just lots of branches lying around for the kids, nothing fancy, but you should see what their imaginations had them building.

It is so good for all kids to remove them from technology just once in a while.


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