Microdiscectomy 18 months on

>>  Tuesday, July 02, 2013

I've had a number of people ask me how my back is doing, so it is probably time for an update.

I'm now 2 years post injury and 18 months post op. I'm pretty much where I was after a year post op still.

I can't drive or sit for long. I tend to have an ice pack on my back whilst I'm driving.  I still use a kneeling chair at work but have an ice pack on my back in the morning to help get over the drive.   I did go to the cinema with a friend and took an ice pack and sat through the film fairly well.  We have been for the odd meal too and I tolerate sitting down a little better. But it is still hard and the sciatica kicks in fairly quickly.   I no longer even try to do gardening or DIY, I look at dirty walls and long grass and ache inside. 

I do 'run'.  I use the word in the widest sense if it's meaning as I am not quick and actually walk a lot of a 5k round but I do at least get myself out and about, but in truth my back is better when I simply walk long distances rather than trying to run shorter ones. Time is my problem really, I need more time to go further slower.

My family continue to ignore the fact that I have an issue and expect me to 'do'. I mainly do 'do' but occasionally it breaks me and the pain sears through my leg like a knife and it takes a few days to be back to the usual dull ache again.

I still feel like a cripple, not in terms of pain but because of how my life style is still restricted to ensure I'm not in pain.  I have had to turn down training courses at work because of the travelling required, I have to plan everything to fit around my back.

I manage because I have modified my life style and I hate it.

I am 40 not 60 and I don't want to be this disabled permanently, so I have been back to see another consultant.  Not my original as he only works privately and I suspect my next option will be another root block.  I already know my health insurance won't pay for another so I have opted to go back into the NHS system for a while.

The consultant was a lovely man and he listened to my rambling moans whilst I felt a fraud because I don't need a stick and I can walk etc, I just want rid of this constant toothache in my leg and back.  I am to be referred for another MRI.  I think this will be number 4 but it is a year since my last one.

He worried me, he talked about sensitive nerves, being as I am already prone to neuralgia and was asking about whether I have tried amitryptaline for pain relief. No way Jose, I have been there and I am not going there again.  Is my choice really zombie or pain? 

There must be another way surely?

So I wait for MRI number 4 and so we shall see.

I have created a page of links for my Microdiscectomy posts and other links I have found helpful. You can find it here.



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